Software & Services

We materialize ideas into software since the beginning of this century.

Attribui builds ambitious solutions for digital commerce, digital health and research projects all over the world.

The Name

The name Attribui, pronounced /æ'tribu:i/, is derived from the Latin-originated word attribute, signaling a sign of quality.

Yes, it's definitely a challenge to pronounce it right ;-)

Our Work

We work for our customers as developers and consultants, keep software running and up-to-date, integrate services, manage cloud infrastructure, design and implement data pipelines, …

Attribui is also a respected partner for contract research.

Attribui Motion Circles

We conceive, build, improve and run apps and services for our customers.

Call +43-1-225635250 (We speak English and German) or use the contact form below to get in touch with us today.