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Microservices and Motion Subscriptions

Nobody can afford to let apps and services age beyond control anymore. People rely on these services on a daily basis. This is the motivation behind an Attribui Motion subscription: Secure and up-to-date services with instant delivery.

The Motion Subscription

We manage change for you

Attribui Motion gives you the opportunity to consume production-ready versatile apps and services for a fixed monthly subscription fee. We live a life of evolutionary software devlopment for your long-term success.


Your benefit of a Motion subscription[1]

Name Description
Provision Depending on the complexity of a service you pay a one-time provision fee which enables a service or app for you.
Monthly Subscription We continuously maintain and improve apps and services. Customers with a valid subscription reward us by paying a small fee for each component per month. Additionally, we offer cloud management and hosting support.
Fixed Prices We guarantee fixed prices for a minimum of at least a year in advance. Average component prices are based on the total time spent for maintenance, improvements in a year and on the number of customers.
Security All services are running separated per customer and in secure environments chosen by our customers. We offer continuous delivery to the cloud and to external or internal datacenters.
Branch Funding Costs for new apps and services may be split if more than one organization shows interest in using them. Costs for change are always divided as well as the resulting benefits.
Licences We offer various licence models. The standard licence model permits a non-exclusive right to use the services for a customer's own purpose.
Hosting Our services can be hosted on your own infrastructure or by one of the many providers supported by Attribui.
Technology Agnostic You will never have to trouble yourself with different software technologies, programming languages, frameworks, etc. again. We deliver in a standardized and independent way right to your infrastructure.
Cancellation Motion subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Customers running the services on their own infrastructure are allowed to continue to serve our services but lose service monitoring, continuous updates and security patches as well as personal support.
Pulse We offer a special category of Motion services exclusively for our Pulse customers, e.g. our Gravity Lifecycle Services for Application Lifecycle Management.
New Services Interested in developing your own services? With a valid Pulse subscription you can do this. Tell us about your requirements and become a software provider yourself today.
[1] Contact us by phone +43-1-225635250 or send an email to [email protected] today and get a quote!