Continuous Improvement

We offer long-term professional software development support with our Attribui Pulse service program since 2008.

Service Integration

Benefit from our comprehensive experiences in integrating services for a wide range of solutions.

Digital Platforms

We transform existing systems into modern distributed containerized services-oriented digital platforms.

Application Lifecycle and CD

From source code and artifact management to continuous delivery and blue-green / canary / rolling deployments.

Data Management

We provide data transformation and analytics pipelines as well as sophisticated visualization strategies.

Process & Cloud Management

Attribui offers a large variety of DevOps services for infrastructure automation supporting all major cloud providers.

Attribui Pulse

Pulse Subscriptions

We live the mantra of evolutionary service design and practice software development as a service (SDaaS) for our customers successfully since many year.

Attribui Motion

Motion Subscriptions

Don't start from scratch anymore: Attribui Motion gives you the opportunity to consume production-ready versatile apps and services for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Attribui's Pulse and Motion subscriptions are deliberate solutions to build a bridge between on-demand task execution and continuous support.