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Pulse for Enterprises

Pulse for Enterprises is a service program of Attribui established back in 2008. We give you the opportunity to develop and improve products and services continuously by a competent and professional team of developers. Additionally we introduce individual ITSM (IT Service Management) to your company meeting all the requirements in our demanding digital world.

New Features + Support + Knowledge Management

You are in charge of customized products and services? With our Pulse subscription you benefit from first-class IT service management combined with sophisticated knowledge management. We provide continuous progress and professional workflows, fostering freedom of action, more stability and better control to your advantage.

Pulse for Developers

A Pulse for Developers subscription extends a standard subscription and is tailored to customers who have their own team(s) of developers. Attribui delivers source code and offers tutorials, documentation, workshops and organizational support.


The continuous development processes are performed as sprints, typically with a duration of two or three weeks.

Staged Development

The continuous improvement of apps and services is one of our major goals and the result of our evolutionary product design principles. Multiple sprints lead to milestones, major improvements within a product's lifecycle process.


Your benefit of a Pulse subscription

Name Description[1]
Monthly Subscription A standard Pulse subscription includes 5 dedicated hours per month and starts from 600 € monthly fixed costs.
Hourly Rates 85-125 € - Based on the total sum of support hours per month we give discounts up to 20 percent.
Support Pulse subscriptions include free support time: Up to 10 percent of a month's total sum of support hours may additionally be consumed at no charge for consulting, communication and metawork.
Services We offer additional services to fulfill various special requirements.
SLAs Service level agreements are defined completely depending on your individual demands. We scale our team of developers and provide infrastructure and management resources.
Licences Attribui offers complex licence management, including open source and proprietary licences, copyright, source code management, third-party and end user licences.
NDAs We respect your efforts! Attribu·i Pulse stands for a trustworthy and confidential environment. That's why we readily sign non-disclosure agreements and always take potential conflicts between competing companies into consideration.
Cancellation You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Payments are processed on a monthly basis.
[1] Net prices in EUR excl. VAT. Contact us by phone +43-1-225635250 or send an email to [email protected] today and get a quote!